Closed Dec-23 re-open Jan-3. enjoy the Christmas holiday.

Annual Holiday Flour Sale

Bring out your inner artisan baker this Christmas and holiday season. 10% off all flour Nov-8 until Dec-15. Use code "holidayfloursale"

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Oak Manor Organic Flour Mill

Organic - Designed by nature for you!

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Organic standards prohibit the use of GMO seeds, synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, including glyphosate!

Organic Oat Groat Cereal

A slow cooking whole grain cereal. Good for your heart. High in fibre. Delicious! Be Creative!

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Oat Flakes

Organic rolled oats are a pantry essential.

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Millet Breakfast Porridge

Great source of protein and fibre. Rich in niacin and other key vitamins and minerals. Change up your breakfast!

Your Organic Pantry

Stock your pantry with clean organic staples. Good for the earth and good for you!

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Organic Pot Barley

Our organic Canadian grown pot barley is a hearty addition to your homemade soups and stews.

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No More Plastic!

We have eliminated the plastic from our red cereal and blue flour bags. It removes the window but it makes them now fully recyclable and biodegradable. 


Know your grains


Know your grains


Know your grains


Know your grains


Know your crops


Know your grains


Know your crops


Know your crops.


Know your crops.


Know your crops.

Mung Beans

Know your crops


Know your crops

Blueberry Muffins

Lots of Oak Manor organic flour options for muffins. All-purpose, Hard, Pastry, spelt, wheat bran for bran muffins.

Extended Holiday Closure

Oak Manor Retail Outlet will be closed from

Dec-23, re-open on Jan-3rd.

Continue to send your online orders through the holidays.

They will be shipped Jan-10.