Shipping Explained

We do not mark up shipping. We charge the rate that our courier or Canada Post charges. We also do not subsidize shipping in the price of our products so we do not offer a "free shipping" threshold as some companies do, which really isn't free as you would pay for it in the increased product pricing otherwise.

For Local deliveries we use a local courier that offers a very competitive flat rate up to a certain weight threshold. As an example the first weight threshold is same rate whether you order 1 kg or 24 kg. So it is to your advantage to order more weight to make the rate cheaper per kg.

This option unfortunately is only available to postal codes in Canada starting with N, M, or L. All other areas must use Canada Post as their shipping option.

We currently do not ship to the US.

Shipping can seem expensive but please be mindful that we sell a heavy relatively inexpensive product relative to weight. All grains are expensive to ship right through the chain from farm to the consumer. (eg: 20 kg of blue jeans might have a value of $2000 but would still carry the same shipping ($23.50) as a $60 bag of flour. 

We offer curbside pick up for free. Stop by our outlet if you are ever in the area!

We thank you for your support!